Two Weeks In, Retina MacBook Pro

December 27, 2012

Two weeks ago I convinced myself to a get a new Retina MacBook Pro by telling myself that I needed the mobility since I have been using the iMac and Dell XPS 15 for long but since I have started using Mac I never really like the Windows but still Windows has some important role, not to forget the undeniable Internet Explorer for testing purposes.

There were also a couple of reasons I chose to buy Retina MacBook as follows:

  1. I had to keep myself updated with what’s hot on the web.
  2. I needed to carry my Mac around, wasn’t possible with iMac (?)
  3. I needed to check websites/themes I design looks great on Retina.
  4. Moreover, I like new toys.

Here are some thoughts after two weeks use of Retina MacBook:

  • No doubt, it’s the best computer I have used ever. No more worries about what applications you have open, crashing, overheating.
  • Start up time and wake up time is pretty fast.
  • What I hate the most is the images on the web, it all looks so blurry.
  • To get the best results I have kept the screen preference on ‘Best for Retina’ which provides less room to work. I mean its pretty easy to code when you have code editor and browser open on the screen, for which I have attached my iMac with Retina MacBook for now. May be soon I’ll be getting a cinema display.
  • Screenshots are real pain, they are always double of the size. When I take a screenshot I always have to decrease it by 50% to get the 100% size look. So I have created a simple Photoshop action for decreasing the screenshot size.
  • Thinness and lightness is awesome.
  • Non-retina apps are horrible. For examples, twitter’s official app is not optimised for retina display, thanks to tweetbot for updating their application.
  • Web surely needs an easy to integrate high DPI and responsive images. There is a syntax -webkit-image-set() for Chrome (webkit browsers) which allows you to specify different images for normal and HiDPi displays, check out my protip on Coderwall to know more about this.
  • Overall, screen is amazing, all the CSS3 stuffs around the web looks great e.g. rounded corners, gradients and specially the font icons they are all awesome.

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