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As a theme focused on readability, Raiden takes the enviroment where the reading is taking place, into consideration. So, for the case that a reader uses it in a dark enviroment (e.g. at bed), he has the option to change the color scheme of the layout from light to dark.

Let’s set this up:

  • At Theme options, go to the Site Settings tab. There you will see 2 fields for the logo. One for your normal view and one for the night version. If you do not want to use the View Mode feature at all, just upload a logo at the first field.
  • Then, at the Styling Options Tab, you can choose the default view mode. This will be the mode where your visitors land when they visit your site. Again, if you do not want to use the View Mode feature, just leave it to the default Day Mode value.
  • The last step is to make the View Mode switch button appear at the sidebar. That’s easy. Just add the Raiden View Mode widget to the sidebar widget area. You should be good to go.
Last updated on November 8, 2023

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