Top UX Design Trends Coming Up in 2018

UX design is an important aspect related to the interface of the mobile that is based on brand, layout, visual design, text, and sound. UI is an essential factor that determines the UX as users prefer using an app that gives that instantly what they are looking for. However, as things keep changing fast in… Read More

Best SEO Practices for Structuring URLs

Headlines are important for content, but from the perspective of search engine optimization the URL is the fundamental start for categorizing an article. It is literally the address of each page. Everything hangs off of that root. Thus, it’s important that your URLs have the right secret sauce so they pull their SEO weight. Let’s… Read More

Grow and engage your email list with MailOptin plugin

MailOptin is a superb WordPress plugin to grow and engage your email list subscribers. It has been carefully built to enhance your list building strategy with all the right tools, paired with smart features to make the whole process a lot faster. MailOptin includes several optin types, ranging from beautiful popups to minimalistic inline subscription… Read More

15 Ways to Improve the Security of your WordPress site

Perfection is an illusion. The saying is applicable when we talk about WordPress security. You cannot secure your WordPress website completely against security breaches. Do you know that 70% WordPress installations are vulnerable to security threats? Don’t worry; we don’t want to scare but alert you on the security aspects. If you abide by certain… Read More

WordPress Migration Overhaul and why you need to know about it

Migrating a WordPress site manually can be a intricate process, especially if you’re new to the ecosystem. Managing a site includes routine tasks such as adding content, and customizing your site, while also performing backups. These tasks are very different in terms of the techniques performed to move a WordPress site. What makes WordPress migration… Read More

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