About us Codestag was founded on February 2013

We are a small, remote team with an original passion, operating from 2 countries (India and Greece). Being a small team allows us to work fast and efficiently through day-to-day collaboration, and deliver awesome themes for WordPress that are trusted by thousands of customers worldwide.

Our Approach to theme design

In an industry full of bloated themes that claim to be multi-purpose while they serve no purpose at all, we approach the theme design business with a fresh perspective, honouring the original WordPress design principles, with decision-making instead of option offering, simplicity of use and the best coding practices available.

Each pixel is carefully thought out, and we never provide more options than what is actually needed, keeping our themes simple and fast, yet flexible enough to reflect your brand or blog style, and resonate with your audience.

About us

On February 2013, we met online as complete strangers, but we soon discovered that we were sharing a common passion, which turned out to be our most valuable asset: A common approach to WordPress theme design, and a commitment to create, deliver and refine some of the most simple to use themes in the industry.

John Fraskos

John’s role in primary in design, handcrafting all the WordPress themes that you see here. He has a thing for pixel precision and balanced margins. He is based in Athens/ Greece. Follow on Twitter.

Ram Ratan Maurya

Ram is the coding architect behind Codestag, and a WordPress core contributor. He transforms theme designs into meaningful, functional WordPress themes. Based in Varanasi, India. Follow on Twitter.