Grow and engage your email list with MailOptin plugin

December 8, 2017

MailOptin is a superb WordPress plugin to grow and engage your email list subscribers. It has been carefully built to enhance your list building strategy with all the right tools, paired with smart features to make the whole process a lot faster.

MailOptin includes several optin types, ranging from beautiful popups to minimalistic inline subscription forms that will give you freedom to collect email addresses anywhere on your site. You won’t work based on assumptions, there is enough data to play with it, thanks to the built-in split testing tool available on the plugin.

Creating Your First Optin Form

MailOptin lets you create different optins and they include the following; Lightbox, Sidebar, Notification Bar, Slide-In, In-Post and Sidebar/ Widget. On the premium plan, you will have a wide range of targeting options. So, whatever strategy you intend to use in your list building ride, you will always have a feature to rely on.

Alright, let the fun begin. We will create our first optin and get it running in next to no time.

Here, you will get to visualize how easy creating optins can be on MailOptin WordPress plugin. During the tour, you will also get abreast with some of the features that make the plugin awesome.

Setting up the plugin is stupidly easy; there are no complex settings, once installed and activated, a new menu item will be created in your WordPress dashboard. You will easily locate MailOptin dashboard on the left panel, this contains links to the plugin settings and other vital features.

Firstly, we need to integrate MailOptin to an email service provider; the plugin integrates perfectly with all the popular email marketing providers.

To get started with your first optin, you simply click the “Optin Campaigns” tab. In there, you will find different optin forms you can interact with. Select your desired optin form and start customization instantly.

There are a lot of pre-designed templates ready for full customization. You can edit the message, the image, the image orientations, borders, colours to blend with your website existing design.

Display Rules

After designing the template to suit your preference, you can now select a “Display Rule” that is applicable to your optin form type. MailOptin display rules give you the ability to make different optin forms appear on your site depending on the response of your visitors.

For example, you can make forms display only after the visitors has scroll down your site, or show the optin forms when your customer has visited a specific number of pages on your site. You can also prevent forms from showing in certain post/pages.

Lead Bank

The next step is to locate the Lead Bank tab, in this page you will get to see your subscriber list, including user agent and ability to export all your leads. This comes very handy if you ever decide to have an extra copy of your leads for any reason.

Exit-intent Technology

Using popup to drive the growth of subscriber’s rate is one of the best list building techniques if done properly. The point is to avoid distracting your visitors with popups when they access your website.

MailOptin uses a technology called Exit-intent to prevent your popups from creating a terrible user experience. Basically, the feature smartly detects the behaviour of the user’s mouse. When the reader is about to exit your website, it will trigger the popup.


Exit-intent technology can dramatically increase the growth rate of your email list and your visitors will appreciate you more because you did not distract or annoy them. In turn, if you have a good offer, they can freely release their email details to you.

New Post Notification

The plugin also ensures your email list subscribers are easily engaged using its built-in email trigger. Immediately you have a new post on your site, MailOptin will automatically trigger your mailing list with a “New Post Notification” newsletter in a beautiful and attractive template.

Page-Level Targeting:

The page level targeting feature on MailOptin gives you the ability to display optin forms on specific areas of your site. While you can allow the display of optin forms, you can also prevent optin forms from appearing on specified posts, pages and categories in your WordPress site.

Insights & Analytics

The stats can be viewed on the “Optin Analytics” page on the plugin. You will find every useful data to analyze the performance of your optins, including number of impression, conversions and other raw data needed to tweak your optin forms for better performances.

These data are graphically represented in your dashboard; this means that you can easily detect the optins with poor performance in other to make necessary modification to raise conversions.

MailOptin Pricing

Value is a direct function of the results a product can offer, not excluding its simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness. The pricing of MailOptin looks pretty good; it is a steal for its current pricing plans.

Here is an overview of MailOptin pricing structure:

Lite – Free for access to three optin campaigns, limited email campaigns and templates.

Standard – $99 per year for unlimited optin campaigns, exit-intent, sidebar forms, before/after post forms and email support.

Pro – $199 per year for all MailOptin features; advanced optin analytics, priority email support, WooCommerce, EDD integrations and lots more.

MailOptin Lite version is completely free. Unfortunately, it has some limits. To get access to more features and options, you will need a premium license.

Get MailOptin Lite to try for free or purchase a premium plan on the official MailOptin website.


In summary, these are some of the amazing things you are going to get on MailOptin:

  • Beautiful themes
  • Multiple high-converting optin forms
  • Email triggers
  • Page-level targeting
  • Built-in analytics and reporting
  • Exit intent technology
  • Display rules
  • Optimization for small screen devices
  • Integration with major email marketing services
  • Unlimited customization option

To grow an email list isn’t all cumbersome as some people make it appear, you only need the right set of tools to kick start your journey. It is pretty clear that you don’t need to be an expert in coding to start building your email list. All you need is the right email list building software to start generating leads.

MailOptin simplifies the whole process using the latest link building technique built into the plugin. There are a lot of features you can start using immediate once the plugin is installed on your WordPress site to drive subscriber count.

One other handy feature the plugin is the Click Launch Trigger; this is used for content upgrade, where you offer users incentives in other for them to freely release their mailing details to you.

For example, using the Click Launch Trigger, you can offer a downloadable content to your visitors and ask them to download the content from their inbox. Evidently, they have to supply their email address in other for the download link to get into their inbox. You simply offer them the free download, while you collect their email addresses from your dashboard. Pretty brilliant!

MailOptin is very easy to use; the options are well described and straight-forward. You should be able to gain mastery by just going through the plugin’s settings page. More also, you can quickly integrate the plugin with your email marketing service provider with ease.

MailOptin has every smart feature you need to succeed in your list building journey. It is a must have if you want to drive exponential growth to your email list.


John Fraskos

WordPress designer and co-founder of Codestag.