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July 16, 2015

For a couple of months we have been working on ways to improve StagTools, as we see about 10,000+ active installations, our goal was to make the transition smooth and hassle free.

Today, we are releasing StagTools 2.0. This one is mainly about performance improvements and a couple of new additions. So you might need to learn a couple of things before you can enjoy the whole benefit.

New Font Selector

stagtools font selector
New Font selector, sorted by category

We have been making use of FontAwesome font icons since the beginning and we often heard from you that it’s hard to look for that one specific icon you are looking for; with this release you would be able to find icons easily as they are now sorted by category.

Repositioned Intro and Alert Shortcodes

StagTools formatsThat’s right. Intro and alert shortcodes are repositioned, they now appear under ‘Formats’ button in the editor. Also, they are not any shortcodes anymore, but editor styles. The reason we made this change was to keep the use of shortcodes minimum and keeping things to default as near as possible so if you ever wish to use something else than StagTools, you shouldn’t notice any horrible shortcodes’ code in your content as replacement of intro and alert shortcodes. Instead, you will see a normal content styled text. Neat, isn’t it?

Additional Horizontal Line Styles

You all loved adding those horizontal lines, so instead of keeping it a shortcode we made it a style selector. You can just click on normal Horizontal Line editor button and you should see a popup giving you option to select multiple styles for your divider or horizontal line.

Additionally, there is a huge performance improvement for all widgets. We re-written all widgets with proper cache handling and best WordPress Coding Standards. See the changelog for more information.

If you have any questions or feedback about the new version, please feel free to let us know in the comments.


Ram Ratan Maurya

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