Major changes at our Support Service Moving towards a more personal, email based support.

September 29, 2014

If you are a Codestag customer and have already experienced our Support service, you already know that we take support very seriously. This is why we can’t rest on what we have, and we always look for improving the service.

We are now offering a more personalized, email-based experience.

Until recently we were using a ticket-based support system. However, we felt that this did not meet the expectations of our users, and not even our own expectations. As a small-sized remote company, we have always had a personal tone and a personalized approach in our communication. From now on, we offer support through email, making use of Help Scout.

Here is how it works:

  • In order to start using this new support service you should register for a new account at our website, at
  • Once you verify your purchase code, you can access the form, from which you will be sending support requests.
  • That’s it. From that point, all communication for your issue will take place via email.

Of course, we would be mad to handle all the volume of support requests via our normal email client. This would be a disaster. Thanks to Help Scout, this is not what happens. At our end, we have a platform where we track the progress and status of each request, so there is not a chance we lose a reply. The platform that Help Scout provides to us, allows us to be more productive, fast and efficient, aiming to deliver high quality after sales support.


What happens to the existing ticket-based support desk?

We have disabled the ability to create new tickets at our ticket-based support desk. All open tickets will be resolved, but any new tickets should from now on be submitted at our support page.

I have already created some tickets at the support desk, should I register again to use the new support service?

Sorry about the trouble, but yes. To register you must visit registration pageand have your purchase code handy. This will only take a minute, but the advantage of this major update to our support service, is really worth it.

Feel free to ask any questions at the comments, we will be happy to assist!


John Fraskos

WordPress designer and co-founder of Codestag.

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