How to check your Web Designer knows anything about SEO?

July 12, 2017

Every business owner would want that the official website of his firm or organization must rank higher in the search engine results. This would increase the possibility of the website getting clicked and in return convert some visitors into customers. In order to make it possible it becomes necessary that a website is search engine optimized.

The web designer who is responsible for catering an attractive design to a website also needs to take care of the SEO part from the beginning itself. This is due to the fact that in today’s time, the design part and SEO of a website go hand in hand. Therefore, it is vital that the web designer you hire should have a significant knowledge of SEO.

In this post, I am going to shortlist some of the checkpoints that will enable you to know whether or not the web designer has a command over SEO.

Comprehensible URL Organization

For making a website SEO friendly, it is important that the URL of the website must be clear and an apt one. The keywords that are integrated into the URL are read by Google which is then implemented in recognizing the web page. This will enable Google to rank a particular page based on the search query that is run by the user.

The web designer must be aware of the common keyword phrases that are used by users to search content related to the website. This will make it easier for him to incorporate the keywords in the URL.

Extensive Keyword Research

The best way to make a website rank higher in the search engine rankings is to include those keywords that the users are most likely to use in the search query. The web designer must incorporate the common keyword phrases in the website during the design process itself.

This will make the website achieve a higher rank in the search results the moment it is live and available for the users. Keywords are an important component of the SEO process and their importance can never be neglected.

Responsive Mobile First Design

Smartphones have taken the Internet by storm the moment they came into existence. These have replaced the desktops as the primary device for exploring information over the web. This makes it necessary to design websites that use mobile friendly templates.

The web designer should take care of this aspect as Google has released a mobile friendly algorithm favoring the responsive websites. All those websites that are not designed adhering to a mobile design will definitely be ranked lower on the search results.

Emphasizes Website’s Speed

The load time of a page plays a crucial role in making a user stick to a website or move away from it. This makes page load time an important aspect of SEO. The load speed of a website is a part of Google’s algorithm as in today’s time searching is all about speed. Users tend to look for other websites if a site takes a considerable time to load.

There are numerous ways in which a web designer can optimize a website which includes compressing the images used on a website, setting up a CDN and much more.

Implement Clean Code

The way a website appears is due to the coding that has been done on the website’s backend. The web designer must keep in mind that the website should not be cluttered with too many items that will make it difficult to apprehend as what information is relevant and what is not.

A good developer will be able to give a great design to a website even by implementing the minimal code. Search engines crawlers find it difficult to read those websites that have bloated code on it.

Easily Navigable Website

A website that has a clear and easy navigation will be preferred by the users as well as the search engines. The menus that are included in a website must provide the relevant information to the users and should be functional. All the pages must be linked properly so that the users can go through all the relevant information that they came searching on the website.

In a case, where the users find it difficult to navigate through the website, it is evident that they are not going to stay longer on it. Providing a simple yet elegant design to a website is the job that needs to be performed by a web designer.

In The End

The web designer that you have hired for building a website must follow a majority of the above mentioned aspects of SEO during the design process. This will enable a website to be search engine optimized and attract a large volume of traffic over it.

Making a right choice of web designer that is well versed with concepts of SEO will enable the website to maintain a higher ranking in the long run.


Lauren McLaren

Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle, providing affordable SEO services in Australia. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role within the company is to manage a team of SEO Specialists. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.