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November 25, 2014

Howdy! Today we are excited to share some good news with you! We just released another WordPress theme: Blink. After 2 months in the making, today Blink is available for sale here, at our own site.

We are quite excited and very proud about this product release, and we think it is our most elegant and solid work so far. If you have been following our releases, you might have noticed that lately we have focused on more simple, and easy to use themes, targeting users from the blogging niche. Doing this, we want people who want to start a blog on WordPress, to be able to get their hands on our themes and achieve great looking results and robust performance, with minimum effort. Blink is the essence of this.


More WordPress, Fewer Options

We really had a hard time to decide what options Blink should include and what not. Hence we took the decisions that were needed to deliver a great looking theme which is flexible, but does not overload the customizer with countless options. The only actual options are 4 options for the post grid layouts, typography options, and a couple of others that have to do with the single post pages.

Plug and Play

When we wrote the documentation for Blink, it was clear that there was not much to write about. If you know your way around the basics of WordPress, you a;ready know how to setup the theme in a matter of minutes. Select a Featured image, write your content, and you are ready to go. Switching from an old theme? If your old theme already has posts in it, then you better worry about the next subject you’ll blog about, instead of spending hours adjusting your content and options for switching to Blink.


Robust Performance

Codestag co-founder and lead developer Ram (who is also a WordPress core contributor) managed to develop a theme with robust performance, developed by the best coding practices for WordPress. Browse around the demo and experience the speed and stability that the theme delivers.

Fueled with Jetpack!

If you were to spend a year on an island with a WordPress theme and a plugin, what plugin would that be? It’d better be Jetpack. A powerful plugin developed by WordPress, which adds significant features to your site. We took advantage of the power of jetpack and we provided support for several of it’s modules like:

  • Contact Form
    Blink does not have a built in contact page. Just use Jetpack to generate a contact form in a static page, add your contact details and you have a neat contact page for your readers. If you decide to switch themes in the future, keep Jetpack and take the contact page with you.
  • Tilled galleries
    Create great looking image galleries in your posts, by using the Tilled galleries module.
  • Infinite Scolling
    Don’t want traditional pagination for next/previous post pages? No problem, you can have an infinite scroll too!
  • Custom CSS
    If you want to add some styling customizations to blink, you can use the custom css module to enable the option to write down your custom css, and maintain those changes with each theme update.

The bottom line

We really enjoyed working on Blink and we are sure that you will love using it to build your blog on it. Let us know if you have any pre-sale questions by commenting to this post or sending us an email at hello[at]

Thanks for your support, there are great things coming!

Theme details  Check out the live demo


John Fraskos

WordPress designer and co-founder of Codestag.

15 Responses

  1. Hi,

    just a question before buying ‘Blink’ which really looks great.
    – What are the main differences compared to the ‘Ink’ theme (which is quite a bit cheaper – and also fantastic)?
    – In Blink are there full width images inside postings possible (just like in ‘Ink’?). I’d need that feature…


  2. Hi Alex

    Compared to Ink, Blink has fewer features, but a significantly more robust performance, and fine-tuned design.

    We are proud to say that it is our simplest theme until now, and with more that 2 months in the making you can rest assured that we focused on every little detail and coded it with the best WordPress coding practices.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

  3. Thanks John for your fast reply.
    Just wanted to know if the full width image posting I talked about is possible or not.


  4. Hi Alex

    To be honest, this feature was not included because it is against WordPress coding best practices. However we are discussing it to see if we could find a way for a friendly implementation. But to answer your question, no, it is not available for now :)


  5. Fantastic looking theme! Two questions –

    1) Is it possible to customize the theme to add small borders between the photos on the home page (similar to Ink)?

    2) Similarly, is it possible to customize the height of the photos on the home page to make them look a bit more square?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi,

    I’ve purchased this theme via Creative Market and need support but can’t access your support section as it wasn’t purchased via Themeforest.

    How can I get some help as I’m having some PHP issues with the theme and Yoasts SEO plug in.


  7. Hey! no worries. Support for our creative market customers is provided by email. Just send an email at hello[at] and we will gladly help you out.

  8. Hi Viktor

    Sorry for the late reply! To answer your questions:

    1. You can do it with some custom css yeah.
    2. This is tricky, because the dimensions of the photos depend on the browser window… So it’s hard to achieve a square cover for any browser window. But again you can make some edits to it with css…


  9. Hello John!
    Blink is great! I would like to ask you, can I add a second language? And if so, how can I do it?

    Thank you in advance!

  10. Beautiful, simple and elegant theme. Like that you guys go the exact opposite of most theme developers, who are throwing features and full-on CMS and you end up with unmanageable and bloated WordPress!

  11. Hey Samuel, thanks a lot for your input, means a lot. And it definitely summarises our approach. Cheers!

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