CSS3 Stitched Effect

October 22, 2012

Web design trend is getting different now, these days designers and developers wants to do much more with less. Where I think that too much makes a page look bad where too little can also make your website look kinda vintage.

Thanks to CSS3, with this developer can do amazing things. Not to forget the CodenPen project by Chris Coyier, a place for showing your creativity to the world by demonstrating it.

The question is why to use image or scripts when we can achieve something with just CSS only? Let’s try this cool effect to achieve a stitched effect with CSS only:

See the Pen blpnt by Ram Ratan Maurya (@mauryaratan) on CodePen.


Ram Ratan Maurya

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  1. Thanks Kavitha,
    I am sort of busy right now with setting up my homeoffice right now. Posting will be continued after a couple of weeks. Keep in touch, there is more to come.

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