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By default all the content that you put inside the content editor of a page appears over the cover, stretching the image to the height that the content occupies. If you want to have separate sections, you need to you need to make the page a widgetized page, and then output the content via a static content section widget. Here is how it goes:

Let’s assume that you want to create an “About me” page. This page will have the “About me” as a title over the post’s cover, and some content under the cover, on a -let’s say- white background. 

1. Create a static page, give it a title (e.g. About me) and select a featured image to use as a cover. You do not need to add anything at the content. Hit to save the page.
2. Now, let’s create a new static content page where you will add the actual content of the page. This content will appear UNDER the cover of the About us page.
3. At Appearance > Widgets, Create a new widget area (sidebar) using the stag custom sidebars plugin. 
4. Add a static content section widget there. From the page dropdown, select the page you just created at step 2.
5. Now, Let’s go back to the About us page that you created at the beginning. From the Page templates panel on the right, choose “Widgetized” template. As soon as you choose to set this as the page template, a new option will appear at the top right that asks you to define which sidebar (widget area) to be used. Select the new widget area that you created at step 3.

Hit save and you are good to go. Now the About me page is a widgetized template that has 2 separate sections! A cover at the top and the content at the bottom.

Last updated on November 8, 2023

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