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By default, Skilt will show the latest posts at the homepage. At the customizer, have a look at the “Static Front Page” tab. At that panel, you can choose if you want the homepage to display your posts, or a static page. If you wish to show a static page as your homepage, just select the desired page.

Layout Options

There are 3 layout structure options, that can be found under the live customizer, you can find them at Appearance > Customize>  > Styling Options

As you see you can choose any of the 3 available layouts, and see their effect on the fly.

Creating a Sticky Post

At the first layout option, you will notice that the first post is highlighted (bigger). Just make a post “Sticky” and it will appear at the beginning as a highlighted post, giving you total flexibility.

In order to make the post sticky, in the Post editor find the “Publish” section. Next to “Visibility” click on edit and then check the “Stick this post to the front page” option there. Click save and you’re done.

Homepage Background image

At the Customizer, at the same “Styling Options” tab, you will notice that you can set the background image and opacity for the homepage.

Last updated on November 8, 2023

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