We retire two old themes Say goodbye to Raiden and Shift.

February 12, 2016

Hi everyone. Today we are sad to announce you that from one month from now (middle March 2016) we will retire 2 of our themes, Raiden and Shift from our Themeforest portfolio.

Before we do so, we will push a final update to both of them to ensure maximum compatibility with current WordPress version and we will remove them. Such a decision never comes easy but there are a number of factors that one needs to consider:

  1. These themes have been designed years ago. The design trends have changed, so have we. It does not feel right to us to offer a product that we are not 100% confident that matches the approach we currently have.
  2. The way we code themes has changed. We offer less options, but more flexibility. Re-vamping them with a simple update would make their existing structure break and would make more harm than good.
  3. These themes do not draw any attention and sales as they are now, and instead of maintaining them we prefer to allocate our resources and time in more up-to date and exciting themes.

The Good News

We will re-release both themes with updated code and design, available for sale at our own website. We will keep the essential feature that made each of those 2 themes popular, simplify it, and re build it from the ground up.

What happens to existing customers?

Existing Raiden and Shift buyers who will be eligible for support, will get support until 25/07/2016. After that, they should consider purchasing the new versions. Existing Raiden and Shift users will get a 35% discount upon verifying their purchase code. This is to thank you guys for supporting these innovative themes during this time, and making the potential transition to the new versions as sweet as possible.


John Fraskos

WordPress designer and co-founder of Codestag.

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  1. Anyway, I still used ‘Shift’ & it is wonderful theme for me! Thank you Codestag. And I hope, even if I change theme, I change new Codestag’s one.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. As an old Shift customer I would be delighted to provide you a discount code for one of the themes that are available for sale here, in case you want to get a more modern theme to work with. Hit me up at john[at]codestag.com and i’ll let you know. Cheers

  3. Guess it’s a bit late for a reply but better late than never, right?

    Currently, we don’t have any such plans but if we do, we’ll definitely announce it over at twitter. Thanks.

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