5 WordPress theme customization service providers Where to look for help when you need to go beyond Theme support

September 22, 2016

You finally managed to set up your WordPress blog, purchased and installed a theme and now you are ready to start publishing content. But there are some changes needed to be done in the theme, and they fall beyond the scope of support that the developer provides. This is where WordPress theme customization services come handy.

Now, many theme shops offer a paid customization service (this is an upcoming service that we will be soon providing at Codestag), and we strongly believe that the most appropriate person to mess up with your theme, is the person who built it. But if the theme shop does not offer such a service, there are quite some alternatives out there that can handle practically any WordPress related request. Let’s take a look at 5 options for outsourcing your WordPress theme customization project with peace of mind.

1. Codeable


Codeable is one of the most respected and high quality WordPress theme customization providers, offering a vast list of WordPress experts work with. They can practically handle every task related to WordPress , from theme customizations to migrations, platform integrations etc. Quotes may seem a bit high at first but if you have the budget for it, it is definitely one of the best services.

Check out Codeable

2. WerkPress


WerkPress was one of the first companies to target the theme customization market and they have a great reputation when it comes to efficiency and quality of work. Many of the most highly respected theme shops refer their customers to WerkPress for customization services, and judging by the company’s vast experience, they will probably get the job done for you too.

Checkout WerkPress

3. Envato Studio


Envato Studio is another service marketplace where you can find tons of WordPress experts to assist with tasks of any size. From theme customization to theme setup and installation, most of these guys are very familiar working with themes released at Themeforest, and the price range is quite reasonable. Make sure to check reviews for each freelancer to make sure he can deliver efficiently within the given deadline.

Checkout Envato Studio

4. People per Hour


People per Hour is well known for the vast network of freelancers it connects you with, and looks like their WordPress category is turbo charged, with quite a diversity regarding pricing and scope of work. WordPress freelancers seem experienced and ready to assist with any WordPress theme customization and practically any WordPress related project.

Checkout People Per Hour

5. Freelancer.com


We all know freelancer.com, the world’s biggest freelancer network and service marketplace. With literally thousands of WordPress professionals available, you can have a WordPress related task done in a wide range of pricing. Need a small theme customization task? No problem. Make sure that you filter the noise and be specific in your task requirements in order to receive accurate quotes.

Checkout freelancer.com


John Fraskos

WordPress designer and co-founder of Codestag.

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  1. These days WordPress is very popular CMS and most preferred for content publishing. A great feature is the availability of a lot of free plugins and themes. Even for developers, WordPress eases the work – cause there’s no need to code many things that come out of the box.

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