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Pulse is fully compatible with the WordPress live customizer. All the theme related options reside there so you can have control over your site’s customization from one central place.

Panels Quick view

Appearance > Customize you will be able to manage the majority of the theme settings. Options related to the theme layout can be found in subcategories under the theme options tab. For now, let’s take a quick look at the Customizer panel.

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Site Identity

Under the Site identity tab you will be able to set up your custom logo. In this tab, you can also edit your site title & description and hide if you don’t want them visible with logo.

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Under colors you will be able to set your color palette for various design elements such as footer colors, content colors etc. You can also select an accent color for the overall site template accent, try this out to see how it works.

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Background Image

This panel allows you to select a background image for your theme.

You can add a background image here and add a touch of character to enhance the experience.


Under the Menus tab you can setup your menus. Pulse has 2 Menu locations. Setting up your menus is standard to all WordPress themes and is described in detail at the official WordPress documentation:

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Last updated on November 8, 2023

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