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Creating a Gallery page

GeekLove allows the creation of a photo gallery that has a dedicated page showing a gallery of categorized photos. Let’s set up this page. 

Go to
Pages > Add New and create a Gallery page, giving a title, and setting up the page properties as you did with the Blog page (Cover image, page subtitle etc).

Finally, set the template as “
Photo Gallery“ from the Page attributes section on the right. 

After doing so, click the
Publish button.

Creating Photo Galleries

Consider the photo galleries as
“albums” that can be assigned to categories.

For example you can have a category of “Wedding”, and a category of “Party”. Under each of these categories you can have several galleries.

  • Go to Galleries > Create New. Give your Gallery a title. 
  • Click on the Upload Images button and select your images either by uploading them or by choosing existing ones from your media library.
  • Assign this gallery to a Category by using the categories box on the right. If you have not created any Gallery categories yet, you can easily create one within the box.
  • When you are finished hit the Publish button and you are ready to go. Repeat the process for creating more galleries and categories also.

Note: The categories you are creating will serve as filters at the Gallery page at the frontend. Look at the 
demo for an example.

Last updated on November 8, 2023

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