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The widgetized page is a great way to create pages with customized layout sections, to use as promotional, landing pages etc. The layout of the widgetized page is configured by widgets that have the “Section:” prefix.

Let’s see how to create a landing page similar to the widgetized homepage template that we use at our demo:

The process consists of 4 simple steps. Let’s see each step:

First you need to create a custom widget area at Appearance > Widgets, where you will add the section widgets that will define the layout. So, provided that you have already installed the Stag Custom Sidebars plugin, create a custom widget area and let’s give it a name like: “Widgetized Home”. Click the add button to create the widget area.
The Widgetized Home widget area has been created. Now, drag the widgets you wish (widgets with the “Section:” prefix) to this area. For our example we have used a “Static Content Section” widget that will output contents of a static page, and the “Section: Latest Posts” widget that will show our latest posts above a nice background. For more info on the Section: widgets, please refer to the section of this documentation.
Now, let’s create the page that will have these widgets as a structure. Go to Pages > Add New and create a new page.From the page attributes panel on the right, choose the “Widgetized” template. When you do so, a Sidebar Settings panel will appear on the top right.
Now, at the Sidebar Settings panel, choose the sidebar that you have created. Hit update. The widgetized page is ready for action.

Heads Up! If you use a widgetized page template, the content that you will put at the content editor will always display above the section widgets. For example, at our demo page: the first section at the top (Titled “Welcome to Ink” is actually the content of the page itself, displayed above the image that has been configured at the “Background Settings” panel.

Last updated on November 8, 2023

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