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This theme takes advantage of the WordPress live customizer, where you can tweak the settings and see the effect of the changes on the fly. Go to Appearance → Customize and you will see the customizer. Most of the things related to the theme settings is now based here, under the “Theme options tab”. Let’s take a short look at what the options have to offer:

  • Posts Layout
    There are 4 available posts layouts to choose from. This is how the grid of your posts will appear throughout the site. Just click on the selected layout and you should be able to see the effect on the fly.
  • Posts Grid Title visibility
    You can choose if the titles of the posts appear by default or on hover. 
  • Navigation Layout
    You might want your menu to appear on a white header instead of appearing over the featured images. If so, select the “Stripped” option, otherwise use the “overlay” option.
  • Sticky Post Label
    You can choose the label for sticky posts.
  • Other Options
    A set of simple but handy options such as: 

    • Show author avatar in Post Meta. (Author avatars are disabled at mobile view for an optimized experience)
    • Show Post Reading Time in Post Meta
  • Hide Sidebar
    • Sitewide
    • Only on posts and pages
Last updated on November 8, 2023

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