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Setting up the Homepage does not require any special configurations, as by default it shows your recent posts. 

Choosing the Homepage Layout

You can choose between 4 different layout options, based on which your posts will show is a grid. You can choose the desired layout by going to Appearance → Customize and click to expand the 
General Settings tab.

Then you can choose the post grid layout, that will apply to your homepage and your category pages.

Using a Static Page as your Homepage

If instead of your latest posts you want to have a static page as your homepage, just go to Appearance → Customize, and click to expand the 
Static Front Page tab.

 Choose the static page radio button, and from the first dropdown select the page that you want to use as your homepage. Notice that WordPress also asks you to define a Posts page, where it will host your posts. Just create a new static page, and select it at the “Posts Page” dropdown. Now, if you want to add a menu link to lead to your posts page, you can simply add the link for your newly created posts page.

Last updated on November 8, 2023

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