Introducing Codestag 3.0

September 29, 2014

We are quite happy to share some awesome news today! As you might have noticed, we were a bit silent the last weeks, working on a major redesign of our website, and a full rebranding, with a great new logo designed by Graham Smith. So, we are proud to introduce you Codestag 3.0!

About one and a half year after we founded Codestag, we were feeling that it was about time for a major facelift. Our updated website now has a more polished design, and provides a more consistent experience for our customers, as we changed our support system too. We now offer a more personalized, one-to-one support service which is now email based, and backed up by the awesome platform that Help Scout provides. Read more about support changes.

Users can now login and send support requests from within our website, instead of going to a separate platform and open a ticket. We have been using this new support system only for some days now, and we are already excited by the productivity boost it has already given us.

More Robust Documentations

We now also have a brand new Knowledge Base, that provides a more friendly and comprehensive documentation for our themes, and quick answers to common questions. Make sure you make a search there before sending a support request.

What next?

We will keep doing what we know to do best: delivering state of the art WordPress themes, now focusing on even simpler, more efficient and well-coded products that will play well right out of the box.

Also, we have a big announcement coming up ahead. Stay tuned!


Ram Ratan Maurya

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  1. We haven’t left ThemeForest and we recently retired Proxy. You can read the announcement we made prior to retiring it. While you won’t be receiving any further updates, your theme would still work fine :)

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