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  • Native CSS Features Detection @supports Rule Arrives in Firefox Nightly

    Firefox recently released the new CSS3 API @supports for Firefox Nightly. It now supports the CSS Conditional Rules Level 3 specification. @supports rules helps you to detect native CSS feature. We are comfortable with the idea of sending different code to different browsers to provide different but still acceptable user experience. Feature detection is normally… Read More

    How to use WordPress 3.5 Media Uploader in Theme Options

    WordPress 3.5 is just released with a number of major changes. The one I love most is HiDPI display support, WordPress looks so beautiful on my MacBook Pro Retina display. Besides, after the update was released I considered upgrading my StagFramework to the WordPress 3.5 standard, going ahead I implemented media uploader and color picker… Read More

    CSS3 Stitched Effect

    Web design trend is getting different now, these days designers and developers wants to do much more with less. Where I think that too much makes a page look bad where too little can also make your website look kinda vintage. Thanks to CSS3, with this developer can do amazing things. Not to forget the… Read More