<span class="entry-title-primary">Dribbble invites giveaway</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">We have 2 dribbble invites to share with you. Jump in!</span>

Attention Interface designers, Illustrators, Icon designers, theme craftsmen, and any creative people out there! We have 2 dribbble invites available and we want to draft some new talent into the dribbble community. So, follow the steps below, fill the form and we will announce the winners through Twitter by next weekend, after we review the portfolios. Cool, […]

How to Fix Google Chrome Web Fonts Issue

If you have been facing issue with web fonts not displaying properly, here are a couple of ways to get rid of them. This bug was introduced in Chrome v33 and supposed to be fixed in next update as the bug if already reported in Chrome bug thread. It’s needed for Chrome to repaint the […]

Theme version? Always up to date with Stag Envato Updater plugin.

If you are into premium WordPress themes, then staying up to date with the latest theme updates can be a painful task. No more. Now there’s a plugin for that. Why should you update after all? Theme updates are crucial. At our themes we push frequent updates that optimize the theme’s performance, fix bugs that […]

2013 in Review

Everybody does it! So we thought it would be good to share some insights from 2013 with you, as well as some of our ambitions for 2014. Here is what it’s all about… Back on January, Codestag started to take the shape and form it has today: A premium WordPress theme shop. Ram and I […]

Free and minimal stroke-styled icon sets for commercial use

We all love icons. Especially those well designed, clean and minimalistic icon sets that seem to work just right in our layout. With the new iOS 7 launch, stroke styled icons have become quite popular. The truth is that, in the right context, they can be the element that will add that extra touch to […]

What are we working on

We have been busy lately at Codestag, with our remote team working late hours to achieve some important milestones we have set. We thought we should share with you our current status. Crux – Our First WooCommerce theme Our first priority is Crux, our first woo-commerce theme that will be launched soon at ThemeForest. Crux […]

An insight to the Codestag team’s workflow

As most of you already know, we are a completely remote team, based in 2 different countries, Greece and India. How do we manage to do all these awesome things together? The answer is quite simple: Close collaboration by using the right tools. And above all: True passions to fuel our engines. The day begins […]

How to ask for support effectively

Asking after sales support might sound a quite straight-forward process at first, but the way we describe the problem that we want a solution for, might result to delays and -many times- confusion. Here is some advice on how to ask support, if you want to have a quick feedback and a solution with no […]