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With Atik, we use a simpler way to re-create the layouts of the homepage. As you already know, widgetized pages are composed by widgets that serve as sections to the layouts. Using a plugin, you can import the same widget configuration.

Watch this: It is important that you have previously imported the xml file with the demo data of Atik, since in order for the plugin to work properly you need the exact same widgetized pages / widget areas that are used at the demo.


  1. Confirm that the .xml file with the demo data has been imported
  2. Install and activate the Widget Importer and Exporter plugin.
  3. Download and unzip the widget configuration file of Atik from here.
  4. At your dashboard, go to Tools Widget Importer and Exporter and import the .wie file

You should have the same layouts as at the demo. If not, drop us a line at the 
support desk and we will look into it!

Last updated on November 8, 2023

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