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Heads up! Not all themes are compatible with the plugins listed in this section. Before using a plugin, make sure it is compatible with the theme by checking the “Recommended Plugins for…” page of the theme’s documentation.

StagTools is a lightweight and free plugin that adds some custom widgets and adds a shortcode generator where you can quickly add handy shortcodes in your theme. You can keep StagTools with you even if you change your theme so you don’t have to update those shortcodes on changing theme each time. You can find more details about it on plugin page on WordPress.

Shortcode Generator

At every post/page content editor, you will see the shortcode generator icon, which provides an easy way to insert shortcodes into your posts and pages.

Social Settings

Under  Settings > StagTools you will see a “Social” tab. There you can add links for some of the most common social networks and output them anywhere in your site by using the following shortcode:

Last updated on November 8, 2023

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