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Creating Portfolio items

Now let’s try to create your portfolio items. Go to
Portfolio > Add New and create a New Portfolio. Give it a title, add a description and pick a Skills Category from the Skills panel on the right. 

Let’s Move on to the Portfolio Settings panel which is located under the text Editor. There are some settings there for you to customize:

There are some settings there for you to customize: 

  • Project Date: You can give a Date for your project
  • Project URL: Setting a URL will automatically output a button under the project description that will link to the URL that you just set. Leaving this field blank will hide the button.
  • Open Link in new window: Choose wether or not the url should open in a new window.
  • Project Images: You can choose the project images here. Selecting multiple images will put them in a slideshow manner. 

Assigning Featured images

Next step is to create a Featured Image for your portfolio item. This featured image will be used as the portfolio thumbnail at the portfolio section at the homepage and the portfolio page. 

The ideal size to create featured images is
714 x 521 pixels. This will ensure that the image also displays in the correct resolution at the portfolio expanded panel of the homepage (shown below). When you assign the featured image, hit publish. You have just created your first portfolio item. 

Note: At the expanded panel of each portfolio item you can see a short description. Define the length of this description under Cluster > Theme Options > General Settings and edit the excerpt length. 

Custom Header settings for Portfolio items

All the following settings are related to the Header Section Appearance at the top of the page. Whatever you use here will be used as default. You can customize the appearance of each portfolio item, when you create/edit the portfolio item, at the Custom Header settings panel (Shown below). 

Creating Skills for the Portfolio items

On the sidebar of the WordPress Admin Panel you will see a Portfolio Tab.

Let’s start by creating some skills, which serve as “categories” of your portfolio work. So, go to Portfolio > Skills and add your portfolio categories. The screenshot below shows an example of some created skills.

Further Portfolio Settings

Under the theme options panel you can find some further settings for your portfolio page. Go to Cluster > Theme Options and go to the Portfolio Settings Tab. 

Portfolio Style

The Portfolio Style section offers 2 options: Filterable and Expandable. This will effect the way your portfolio items show at the portfolio page. If you set it to filterable, the users will be able to filter the portfolio items based on the skills.

If you pick this option, the portfolio item expansion feature will be disabled.

If you select expandable, then the filters will be disabled and the portfolio items will behave like on the homepage.

Portfolio Count

You can set the number of portfolio items that will display on a portfolio page by setting a value here.

Last updated on November 8, 2023

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