Say Goodbye to our Proxy Theme!

On February 2013, more than one and a half year ago, we released our very first theme as Codestag: Proxy. It was a one-page portfolio theme that performed very well in terms of sales, and was used so creatively from our customers, that we could ever imagine. However, very recently we took the decision to retire… Read More

Introducing GeekLove v2.0

GeekLove is our most successful theme so far, and definitely one of the best Wedding themes for WordPress. After one year and over 1000+ users, we collected important user feedback with a recent survey and planned release a major update. So, here it is…GeekLove v2.0. What are the new features? WPML compatibility Now you can have… Read More

Theme version? Always up to date with Stag Envato Updater plugin.

If you are into premium WordPress themes, then staying up to date with the latest theme updates can be a painful task. No more. Now there’s a plugin for that. Why should you update after all? Theme updates are crucial. At our themes we push frequent updates that optimize the theme’s performance, fix bugs that… Read More

2013 in Review

Everybody does it! So we thought it would be good to share some insights from 2013 with you, as well as some of our ambitions for 2014. Here is what it’s all about… Back on January, Codestag started to take the shape and form it has today: A premium WordPress theme shop. Ram and I… Read More

What are we working on

We have been busy lately at Codestag, with our remote team working late hours to achieve some important milestones we have set. We thought we should share with you our current status. Crux – Our First WooCommerce theme Our first priority is Crux, our first woo-commerce theme that will be launched soon at ThemeForest. Crux… Read More

Stag Tools – A Free WordPress Plugin

StagTools powers your WordPress website with some regularly needed shortcodes including buttons, columns, alerts, font icons etc. It also includes several widgets and custom post types (only for Codestag Themes). Shortcodes Included Alerts Buttons Columns Divider / Horizontal Ruler Dropcaps Intro Text Tabs, Toggle Font Icons by Font Awesome Image with CSS3 filters Videos ( supportsoEmbeds )… Read More

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